Frequently asked questions Venice Airport car park

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We have collected the questions most frequently asked of the staff of the Triestina Car Park near the Venice Airport. Check the page and find the information you need to clarify any doubts you may have. If you cannot find the answer you need, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can reach us by phone at the number below, or write to us by filling out the form on the Contacts page.

Is the Triestina Car Park open every day?

Yes, the Triestina Car Park is open from 08am to 06pm a day every day of the year, and guarantees continuous and complete service.

What payment methods are available?

It is possible to pay online by credit card, and there is also the option to pay directly on site at the time of parking.

Is the shuttle bus free for all routes?

No, the service is free only to and from the Venice Airport.

While for the routes to Treviso Airport, Venice Mestre Train Station and the Port
of Venice are paid services.

When booking online you can check the rate based on the number of passengers and the destination.

Is the "Keep the Keys" service also available for motorbikes?

The “Keep the Keys” service can only be requested for cars.
It is not available for motorcycles or for cars if services such as the Valet Car service or covered parking are requested.

How far is the car park from Venice Marco Polo Airport?

Just 2.5 Km.

What are the business hours of the Triestina Car Park?

We are open from 08am to 06pm a day, 7 days a week.

Is the shuttle service always available?

The shuttle service operates from 08am to 06pm a day, 7 days a week.

How long does it take the shuttle to reach Marco Polo Airport?

About 5 minutes.

How often does the shuttle depart for Venice Airport?

The shuttle does not have a set schedule but leaves according to the needs of the customers, approximately every 10 minutes.

How long before the flight's departure should you be at the car park?

We recommend 2 hours ahead of departure for international flights and 1.5 hours ahead of departure for domestic flights.

Do customers park their cars or are they parked by the car park staff?

Cars are always parked by the car park staff. If you have requested the Keep the Keys service, the keys will be returned to you after the car is parked.

Can customers keep their car keys?

Yes, upon request and written confirmation based on availability.

Is it a problem if the return flight is delayed?

It is not a problem. We only ask that you warn us in order for us to better organize our service.

Do your employees speak English?

We always have multi-lingual personnel in the front office.

When is your car wash service performed?

The same day as your return or, in the event your return flight is in the early morning hours, the day before.

Is the car park secure?

The car park is fenced all around, equipped with an automatic gate with personnel present inside from 08am to 06pm a day.

Can dogs board the shuttle?

Yes, as long as they are small.

How is the rate calculated?

The rate is determined by each 24 hour period, not by following the calendar, but rather counting every 24 hours (e.g.: Monday 8:00 am/Tuesday 8:00 am = 1 day).

Can we have someone else pick up the car?

Yes, as long as the person leaving the car indicates who will be picking up the car when it is left.

How does the valet car service work?

It is a paid service that must be booked in advance. It allows you to have your car picked up directly at the airport and then pick it up again when you return to the airport. For departures, customers should call when they are about 20 minutes from the terminal, and as soon as they collect their luggage upon arrival.

How does the shuttle service work for arrivals?

Just call our operator on the mobile phone number indicated on the receipt you will use to pick up the car as soon as you collect your luggage and then wait for our minibus to arrive at the meeting point indicated to you at departure.

Are the covered parking spaces protected by an anti-hail net or with a real roof?

Our covered parking has solid and certified roofs. We do not use anti-hail nets.

Is it a problem if we decide to return early?

In this case we kindly ask that you give us as much prior notice as possible in order to allow us to prepare your car in order of exit.

Are cars ever moved outside the car park?

No, cars are moved only inside the car park. They are never on public roads, unless being taken to a contract car wash facility.

How does the shuttle service to other destinations work?

The service does not run on any fixed schedule, but rather shuttles depart on the basis of customer arrivals and are decided by our staff to best manage customer satisfaction and operational needs.

How does the shuttle service for arrivals work between Venice/Port of Venice-Treviso-Mestre Train Station?

Just call us upon your arrival, and we will send the shuttle to the same place where we left you at your departure.

If the car battery is dead, will you give us a hand?

If possible we will start your car free of charge should the battery be drained; if we are unable to get the car started, we will refer you to a trusted 24-hour roadside assistance operator.

What documents are needed for car check-in?

All you have to do is give us a copy of the booking or let us know if you have made a reservation by telephone. If possible, customers should write down the vehicle registration (number) plate before coming to our staff.

When do I pay for parking?

When you leave the car.

Can we pay by credit card?

We accept payments with debit and credit cards. We do not accept American Express.

What kinds of shuttles are used?

They are minibuses with 8 passenger seats, plus one for the driver.

Are you insured?

We are insured in the event of theft and fire.

Do you have shuttles for disabled transport?

No, our shuttles are not equipped to transport disabled people.

Are there any affiliated businesses that can work on my car while it is parked with you?

We have agreements with a tire shop, body shop and auto mechanic.

In the event we wish to stop and sleep near the Venice Airport, are there any places you can recommend?

Yes, we can recommend different types of accommodations in each price range.

If we change our booking details, how can we inform you about the changes made?

Please contact our operators to communicate any changes.

Are there any penalties for cancelling a booking?

There are no penalties. We simply ask that you inform us as early as possible in order to allow us to offer the space to another customer.