Departing for holidays or business? Have you booked the flight and now have to think about where to leave your car?

How do you choose the car park near the Venice Airport that is right for you?

You certainly need to look for information and evaluate the offers, prices and services that each facility has to offer.

Better parking: customers’ opinions are important

Customers’ opinions are extremely important for any business. Constructive comments make it possible to constantly improve and provide a tailor-made service, especially for the management of a car park near the airport, which has to serve as a base and bridge for people departing and arriving by plane.

Consulting the reviews for each car park can give you an idea of the type of service offered and the level of satisfaction that other users have found. The reviews are based on scores ranging from one to five and take into account the organization of the staff, value for money, ease of access to parking and quality of the facility.

The proximity of a car park to the desired destination is definitely a factor to keep in mind when choosing your secure car park.

How to evaluate a car park

As already mentioned, one parameter to take into account is the distance of the car park from the place of interest, such as an airport or a station.

Another factor to consider is the overall parking evaluation, expressed on a scale from zero to ten and including an average value of all the reviews posted by customers. When booking, remember to take a look at the overall score of the car park you have chosen.

Keep an eye on the car park hours. Although our car parking is generally open 24 hours a day, it is always advisable to take a look at the business hours of the car park you have chosen. Sometimes, especially during holiday periods, there may be some small changes in the car park’s business hours and thus it is always good to check and ensure that there are no surprises. So remember to check the car park’s business hours when making a reservation.

Parking services dedicated to you

Checking the website of the car park you have chosen will allow you to see the services offered and how to book your parking space.

Among the more popular services are certainly the Valet Car service and the option in which you park and Keep the Keys to the vehicle. If you wish to include these additional services, remember to indicate them in the online car park services reservation available directly on the booking form.

There is an increasing number of requests for the Car Charger service, to recharge your car while you are on holiday or travelling for business. There is also a shuttle bus service and covered parking; in short, you’ll just have to consult our website to find out what we have to offer you and your car or motorcycle.

Have a good trip!

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