Luggage Weighing
Depart with the secure feeling of having checked your luggage weight
Request baggage weighing when booking

Venice Airport Car Parking luggage weighing

Check the weight and size of your luggage before you leave.

Do you want to be sure your bags are packed properly, and are not too heavy or too bulky? The Triestina Car Park near the Venice Airport allows you to check the weight of your luggage and make sure you embark without any worries.

Book your place at the Venice Airport Car Park, and the luggage weighing service will check the dimensions and weight of your bags so that you won’t have any unpleasant surprises at the gate.

When booking online, select the luggage weight and size option. Your bags will be checked before you get on the shuttle that takes you to Marco Polo Airport in Venice to ensure that there are no surprises when boarding your flight.

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