Valet Car
Deliver the vehicles directly to the airport terminals
Are you running late? Don't miss the plane, request the Valet Car Service.

Venice Airport Valet Car Service

Valet Car Service: so you don't have to worry about parking

The Valet Car Service offers pick-up and delivery of vehicles directly to the airport terminals.
What better way to depart than getting to Venice Airport with your own vehicle and not having to worry about finding a parking space?
The Valet Car Service provides customers with an operator who will meet you at the terminal, park your vehicle for you and bring it back to you at the airport.

The Triestina Car Park offers this service at additional cost to the parking service. When booking online you may request this service in the notes section. This service requires a reservation in order to organize the operators so that they are at the airport on time for both the outbound and inbound journeys.

Once your car has been picked up, it will be parked at the Triestina Car Park.

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