Venice Mestre FFSS Railway Station
One of the main junctions of the North-Italy lines
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Venice Mestre Railway Station Parking

The railway station of Venice Mestre is a junction station of the city of Venice.

The Mestre Train Station is a hub station of the municipality of Venice. It is located on the mainland in the town of Mestre, and is classified by its owner, Rete Ferroviaria Italiana, as a gold category station.

The station forms the border between the districts of Mestre and Marghera, which are connected by two underground passageways of the station, one only for pedestrians and for the other both pedestrian and for cyclists.

Mestre is one of the two main railway stations of Venice together, along with that of Venice Saint Lucia, a terminal station on the island of Venice. Both stations are operated by Grandi Stazioni, and are connected to each other by the Liberty Bridge, which connects the mainland to the island.

While the doors of the Venice Santa Lucia station are closed at night, the Mestre train station is always open and people can even stay here overnight.

In fact, late at night, or early in the morning, trains may stop only at the Mestre station, if the Venezia Santa Lucia station is closed at that time.

The Triestina Car Park near the Venice Airport has a shuttle bus service which can take you to the Mestre Train Station upon request, leaving your car at the car park. Consult the booking system and select the option for transfer to the Venice-Mestre train station.

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